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As many of you know my dog Lady often joined us on raids. She would be in the background singing songs and howling in excitement as we took down another boss or smeared our face on the floor trying to take him down. Lady passed away today. While I know she never submitted an app to the guild, I would like to salute her as the dog behind the man that used to run things. You will be missed sweetie.


Lady 2004-2014
I have a few pics of her uploaded onto my profile should anyone wanna see the pretty little girl.
Hamalius Oh, no. Sorry to hear this, Hemo. :-(
Adendris Oh, no. I just saw this. I'm so sorry Hemo.
Matchstick I'm sorry to hear 'bout your pup Hemo *internet hugs*
Please be aware that I have locked down forum access.  I'm not sure if it was related to going to the free version or not, but we have been beseiged by trolls spamming porn and other nonsense.  So to combat this, there is no way onto this forum except through myself and the other admins.  If you send anyone to apply, please tell them to fill out a serious and legit sounding application- anything that sounds like nonsense or trolls will be automatically rejected.  Thanks.  :-)

Jezeleve a No Aden- You can tell the bots/spammers because they don't actually fill out the app, it's just strings of letters and n ...
Adendris I had somebody put in a guild app the other night, Valdorian's friend. Osshkosh. Wasn't them, was it?
Mérphz a So, coincidentally (Guessing not really) Enjin implemented a new anti-spam system today. It doesn't mention anything I h ...
Stopping by to wish everyone a great holiday filled with plenty of gifts,cheer and bloody gore! A special shout out to Jez who is not only a fan-fucking-tatstic Guildleader, but a moderately nice person to =P

Adendris A late merry Christmas, (former) boss.
Jezeleve a LoL, thanks Hemo, and Merry Christmas CI!
Sionzen Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!
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