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Hello everyone =)

Hemo a posted 17 hours ago
I miss you all... and have been doing a bit of bragging to my friends on FF14 about the board and the people of the guild. Over the many years a lot of hard work and time has gone into making CI what it is, and while I may not be around much anymore, the guild means as much to me as it always has. I miss you all and hope the new year finds you well. You may see a few new faces poking around.. say hi to them. They are the Eternal Knights of Siren and they are group that would make any member here be proud to call sister or brother. Now I must go weep openly.
UPS might have something for you:

Highmaul in 60 seconds.

Sionzen posted Jan 8, 15

Move from the mines! MOVE from the mines!
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Sionzen Full Imperator fight link: ...