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Grats to all on loot! See forum post for more screen shots.

CIGarry GKill
Guild members please head to the forums for info on our new Mumble server in general discussion section. I will post the log-in info in the guild info tab in WoW as well.
Hemo a It is on the first sticky thread under general discussion
Viper I have checked the "General Discussion" tab and i finds nada.......where is the info?
As many of you know my dog Lady often joined us on raids. She would be in the background singing songs and howling in excitement as we took down another boss or smeared our face on the floor trying to take him down. Lady passed away today. While I know she never submitted an app to the guild, I would like to salute her as the dog behind the man that used to run things. You will be missed sweetie.


Lady 2004-2014
I have a few pics of her uploaded onto my profile should anyone wanna see the pretty little girl.
Jezeleve a I'm so sorry to hear that Hemo. She will be greatly missed.
Streng Hemo, I know how you feel. We had to put my dog down a couple of weeks ago. I share your pain.
Hamalius Oh, no. Sorry to hear this, Hemo. :-(
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